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commission work

The process starts with a Q&A form I will send to you in order to find out what will best suit your needs.  It will cover everything from the size and shape of the artwork to the elements that have drawn you to my drawings as well as any themes you would like to consider.  Once there is a direction that seems to be accurate to what your needs are, I will give you a rough estimate as to what the cost of the finished artwork will be.  I will then send an invoice for a 50% deposit to begin working on a line composition for you to review, giving several options to choose from based on the original Q&A.  Once these compositions are completed I will send them to you for  review at which point you can request any changes or additions you would like to see.  Additional revisions after this part of the process will add an additional 10% of the original estimate to the cost of the work for each new revision due to the amount of time required to produce new drawings.  After the final line composition has been chosen, I will then send several variations on a color theme for you to choose from based on the palette that will have been described in the initial Q&A.  After all the submissions are approved I will render the final artwork for you. Take a look at the slideshow below to see how the process could work for you:

Click On Image Above To Begin Commission Slideshow
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